Monday, September 10, 2012

Free project websites

I haven't posted in a while because I have been searching for interesting, fashionable and comfortable crochet and sewing projects for my Etsy shop: Usable Kreations. Since I'm just getting started, I don't have a lot of inventory - mostly made to order designs.

As you know, once you start searching the web - it creates a vacuum. I start once everyone leaves for school/work in the morning (8am) and the next thing I know, Joe's walking through the door and it's 3pm. Where did the time go?

So that's what I've been doing for the past week! I have found some awesome designs which I'm going to work on in the next few weeks, months - YEARS!

To save you a little time - here are my favorite sites. They feature many different ideas from sewing to gardening to home improvement. Some you have to register for but they do not send a million emails your way.,default,sc.html

Also, many yarn brands have their own sites offering free projects. These include Lion Brand, Red Heart, Sugar and Cream, Bernat, Caron - many, many more!  I'll post some of my favorite blog sites in the coming weeks and I will try to keep up on posting all of the projects I am currently "in the middle" of completing.

In the meantime, my sister, Jodi, gave me this solar powered smiling flower a few weeks ago. She said to think of her every time I look at it and it would make me smile. It's true - just looking at it flapping away really does light up your day - Enjoy!

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