Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crocheted Baby Hat

Being "in the middle" of end of the summer vacation madness - thought I would pass along a few quick, easy and worthwhile crochet projects that you can carry along and work on while waiting for the kids at camp, lessons or back-to-school activities.

It is also a stress buster that you can pick-up during the evening, the repetitive nature of working your stitches acts to calm the mind - offering a meditative effect. Ohm...ohm.

No seriously, here's the pattern with a few photos to help you get through the tricky part. Also, this is not a tutorial on beginner crocheting, if you don't know the abbreviations or have never crocheted and want to learn, check out beginner tutorials by Crochet Geek,

Bev's Crocheted Baby Hat
 (copyright Country Collage 2000)

Hat Size Guidelines:
Full Term: Circumference 10.5 inches, Length 6-6.5 inches
X-Large Preemie: C 9 inches, L 5.5 inches
Large Preemie: C 8 inches, L 4.5-5 inches
Medium Preemie: C 7 inches, L 4-4.5 inches
Small Preemie: C 6 inches, L 3.5-4 inches
X-Small Preemie: C 5.5 inches, L 3.5 inches

Materials needed: the pattern calls for 2oz soft 4 ply worsted yarn, however, any soft yarn will do. Size F or G crochet hook. There is no gauge to this pattern, all measurements are in inches or by counting the number of rows.


  • Chain approximately 35, plus or minus to get the length stated in the guidelines above.
  • Row 1: single crochet in second chain from hook, single crochet in each chain across row. chain 1 and turn.
  • Row 2: Work in back loops only. Single crochet in each stitch across row. Chain 1 and turn.

  • Rows 3-? to reach the circumference stated in the guidelines above. Repeat row 2.

  • End off after the last st of final row when you reach your desired circumference. Leave at least a 12" tail (longer for larger circumferences) to stitch up side and gather top. 

  • Finishing: Sew back loops of first and last rows together; when you reach the top, weave thread in and out to gather. Pull tightly and weave the end in well. 

You may add a matching pompom on the top ONLY if you are not giving to a local hospital. Use your judgement when giving to young children/infants as the pompom may be a choking hazard.

My son, Joe, says "they're taking over" our house! I think he's right and I need to make some booties and then pass them along to the Young Mom's Group out of the Garage Community and Youth Center in Kennett Square and West Grove.

I'll post a booties tutorial in the next few days and also tell you about "The Garage" and the Young Mom's Group. Have a great day!

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