Wednesday, September 19, 2012

gift card or coupon holder

A quickie today since there's not a lot of time for posting. As you may have read the other day (sorry Mom), I recently accepted a position with a home health care agency and will be starting a new endeavor as a Home Care Nurse.

I'm very excited about starting something new and being able to help someone right in their own home.

The only negative is that the orientation will be EVERY DAY for TWELVE WEEKS! After that I will work a few days a week. I haven't worked full time in about 8 years and am already doling out the chores to Bill and Joe.

They are graciously riding the wave of my insanity and after a few days, I'm realizing that it's going to be ok. Being "in the middle" of work and home is no laughing matter and I haven't even started yet! I'm like a squirrel getting ready for winter...I'm logging all of my projects so I'll have stuff to put on this site over the duration. It's not like there won't be any time left at the end of the day or that I won't have weekends!

Finally a job during the daylight hours! Finally, finally, finally after twenty years of Night Shift! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's a little crocheting idea I came up with one afternoon while catching up on Netflix episodes of "Once Upon A Time." We get a lot of gift cards and coupons in the shape of gift cards from local stores. I don't have a "place" to put them so we pin them to the cork board at home. When we go to the store...the coupons are still at home.

Here's a handy little case to put them in and then you can keep them in the car or in your purse and they won't be strewn everywhere!

It's also easy and a great use of leftover yarn. If you prefer sewing or knitting, you could make this case using these measurements plus a half inch for a 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides. Use your imagination, there are ENDLESS possibilities.

First, use crochet hook (G) and chain to a width of 4"
Row One: Single Crochet to the end of the row.
Row Two: *turn and chain one, then single crochet in each single crochet to the end of the row.
Row Three +:  Repeat from * until the length is about 7".

Fold the bottom edge up 2 1/2" and with a tapestry needle, use the same color or contrasting color yarn to sew around the edge the entire project, being sure the case measures 4 1/2" lengthwise and 4" width-wise.

Fold down the flap and sew buttons in place - either one on each side or one in the center to keep the case closed.

I used the same contrasting yarn to write "gift cards" on the flap, but you could do whatever you want - USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

This could also be a cute way to give a gift card as a gift. If you make something, send it to me, I would love to see what you are making and post it to this site!

Have a great day!

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