Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a little poem

Our son, Joe, and I were chatting while running errands today and I noticed how we kept harping on the fact that "life" seems to get in the way of time we'd like to spend on ourselves. For instance, he planned to spend the day working on his computer, but instead, he had to go to the orthodontist. I wanted to spend the day cleaning (yes...I know) but instead had to take him to the orthodontist appointment. 

I started composing this little poem after we got home and I was mowing the lawn. Thought I would share it with you. Joe thought it was pretty good or I would have kept it to myself.

When Life gets in the Way of Living

When Life gets in the Way of Living…
is it ok to take a break for a while?

To say “No thank you” when a friend in need invites you to lunch?
To say “I’m busy” when your child calls your name after a nightmare?
To say “I don’t have time” when your spouse asks you to sew on a shirt button before the important meeting?
To say “I already have plans” when your parents ask you to drive them to their Dr’s appointment?
To say “Let the machine get it” when your sibling calls to gripe about the day?

When Life gets in the Way of Living…
do you take a break and push everyone else aside to make time for you?

Of course not – you put your own needs on hold and put others’ needs first.

You take the time…
you make the time…
you take the time for others because others are what make Life worth Living.

written by Kelli Siehl

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